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Jomtien + Viewtalay = ideal place for your holidays

Why choose Thailand and Jomtien in particular to spend your holidays or even to live there?

There are multiple reasons:

The climate

The climate, you are on the edge of the Gulf of Thailand, the temperatures oscillate between 20° and 35° in the hottest periods (April, May), in addition Jomtien benefits from a micro climate, there is no long periods of rain, unlike other regions, the monsoon is not very marked.

The equipment

The equipment, you have close to all the equipment you have, or will one day need, whether for leisure, entertainment, consumption, and above all first-class medical and hospital services.

The sea

And of course the sea, with its large beaches, with its many occupations, and for the more adventurous, windsurfing, and sailboats.

The nearby islands where you can spend quiet days or explore the seabed with its magnificent corals.
And many other distractions to discover.

And our residences

Our different residences, from Viewtalay 1 to Viewtalay 7, via Viewtalay 2, Viewtalay 3 and ViewTalay 5, offer you different qualities and finishes of studios and apartments suitable for all budgets.

Our rentals are without surprises, with guaranteed photos of the studio in question, and if there are changes to accessories or others, it is always done with a view to improvement, our rental conditions are precise, avoiding any contestation.